Sankalp – An Introduction – A Mission

raj photo online 

Dr. Rajesh .A. Shrotriya        

B.A.M.S. , M.D. (Acu.)

Consulting Ayurvedic Physician and Acupuncturist

Online Ayurvedic Consultant


Call   –   +91 879386780


Dr. Neha Muliya


Working in maternal and child health.

Practises for pelvic physiotherapy ,urinary incontinence and other gynaecological field

email –

Call  –  +91 8460841400

Disclaimer :- The information any where in this blog is based on literature available in ancient books, clinical studies as well as the scientific researches on GARBHSANSKAR. It is strictly advised to consult his/her family doctor, physician or gynecologist before practically implicating or following any matter or suggestion,  anywhere in the blog – for herself/himself or any one concerened.

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