Pregnancy – By Choice & Not By Chance

The parent to be couple must be prepared mentally & physically to welcome the unborn child . Parents spend lots of money , time & energy after the child is born for his /her development & growth .

But it is that  9 months’ crucial period when maximum efforts are to be taken for betterment of expected child. Garbhasanskar is not a new concept in India .Our mythology tells us stories of Abhimanyu. But we  ‘intelligent skepticals’  were waiting for western science to prove it .


All this is directed towards keeping expectant mother happy & making pregnancy a joyful experience . In garbhasanskar communication with the baby is an integral part. It is proved that baby is very close to father’s voice. Stories , shlokas & songs if told by father make definite impact.

Introduction to GarbhSanskar

What is garbh ?

O! mother , you are the divine life force which brings us to the earth

What is garbhSanskar ?

O! mother, you provide the soil for the seed in the form of caring womb for the delicate embryo to grow for 9 months.

What is Jeeva ?

O! mother, I choose you to deliver me to the Prithvi-lok & the manavYoni, unachievable even by the demigods.

What  is GarbhSanskar ??

According to the Tarka shastras, the word Samskara is defined  as “an impression on the memory”. Steady practice of scriptural injunctions establishes firm tracks in the memory so that the practitioner does not swerve from the correct path

According to another definition, Samskara means “betterment” (Sams) of a thing (kaaram). The cleansing process set in motion by the observance of Samskaras leads to the betterment of life and qualifies a person for spiritual upliftment.

Right time for sanskar

1.Rutu(Cycle) Shuddhi-Preparing a proper environment for conception. Rutu means a proper body clock of the individual. Here the Body clock is primarily related with the reproductive system of the body.

2.KshetraShuddhi–Kshetra indicates the body & home where the foetus is going to dwell & develop during the Nine months of pregnancy. The baby’s physical & mental abilities should be nurtured properly, so the body & soul of the mother needs to be wholesome.

3.Ambu(Nutritional Mechanism) Shuddhi– The Nutritional  Chain for the baby plays a vital Role in fulfilling its basic needs in the Womb.

4. BijaShuddhi–The baby represents the characters of  his Mother & Father. His Physical & Mental Development is the Part & Parcel of them.


This Upanishad explains in detail about the conception and growth of a child in the mother’s womb. At each stage of development in the womb, the physical condition of the child’s body and the mental state and the condition of the jeevan(the soul) within is also explained in detail in this scripture. This Upanishad is part of the Krishna Yajur Veda.

1.This Upanishad has two parts in it describing the growth of human embryo in the womb of the mother and also variety of parameters connected with human life.

2.The first part describes about panchabhootha and gives excellent definition for the pruthvi(as solid materials) , ap(as fluid ) , thejas( which has energy /heat ),  vaayu( whichflows as electrons/electricity/..) and aakaasa( which existsas the finest particles –ions)

3.Further descriptions goes to the six flavors (shad rasas) like, sweet /bitter/sour/saltish/ astringent /pungent

4.Then comes the composition of the body like blood, bones, muscles etc.

5.Further description about the colors and their impact on the body

6. In the second chapter of the Garbhopanishad, the systematic growth of the embryo in the womb of the mother is narrated.

7. The shape of the head and body evolves within 15th day and within 60 days.

8.Within  3rd  month, the feet slowly separate and within 4th month the intestine, stomach and other internal organs evolve. In the 5th month eyes, nose, ears grow. And by the 8th month full growth attains and then during the 9th month the baby remains in meditation with all organs functioning steadily.

9.All the mental activities start during this period .

10.In the 10th month the baby gets its birth with all qualities of human beings. Thus ends the Garbhopanishad.

What is effect of Garbhsamskar ??

•Intelligence- Buddhi     •Valor-Shaurya     •Brilliance- tejas     •Strength-Shakti     •Quality-Guna

•Search of eternal truth- Mumukshutva

 Myths Vs facts

 Jeeva chooses you & not vice versa.

•You’re the carrier, not the creator.

Sanskar & Vasna both define the type of womb.

•The Jeeva in the garbh has significant impact on the mother.

 Jeeva shows its interests.

 Jeeva decides the time of birth.

Most Educable  stage of  life!

•Brain grows maximum.

•All instincts are being developed.

•Interests & likings will become deep imbibed.

•Rhythmic sounds hastens neuronal growth.

•Most conducive period of learning

What affects the brain growth?

•Rhythmic sounds & Mantra.




•Sanskars-Garbhdaan, Garbhadhaan,

• Punsvan, Simmantoyyan.


• Baby listens from 3rd month onwards.

• Baby recognizes mother from her heart  beat, voice & smell.

•Whatever the mother does the baby is impacted by it.

•Mother’s blood flows through the baby.

•Mother’s emotions affect the baby in Day-to-day  activities.

•What to do?

•What not to do?

•What to think?

•What to eat?

•What to read?

•What to see?

•What to hear?

•What to wear?

Garbhsanskar  sanskar  in Quran

 He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. Lâilâha illa Huwa(none has the right to be worshipped but He), the All-Mighty,

 the All-Wise. [Qur’an3:6] The Noble Qur’an-Al-A’raf7:189

“If You give us a Sâlih(good in every aspect)child, we shall indeed be among the grateful.“

•…”O my Lord! Grant me from You, a goodoffspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation.”

& then there is a duato be doneduring the labor pains also!

Garbh Sanskar in Bible

“For you created my in most being;  you knit me  together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139: 13-14

•Father, you have just made me a mother. You have granted me the opportunity of partnering with you in the creative act of life

Why do babies cry?

 Bhagwad  Geeta “My dear Lord, by Your causeless mercy I am awakened to consciousness, although I am only ten months old. Therefore, my Lord, although I am living in a terrible condition, I do not wish to depart from my mother’s abdomen to fall again into the blind well of materialistic life. Your external energy (The material nature which bewilders  the conditioned living entities called  deva-maya), at once captures the newly born child, and immediately false identification, which is the beginning of the cycle of continual birth and death, begins.

Prayers for the unborn child

Invocation  to Lord Ganesha to eliminate all obstacles.

Prayers to Lord Agni-May my husband and I be blessed with long life, good children and integration of our body mind and soul.Be present in my uterus and strengthen my uterus and my unborn child. May my unborn child develop into a good and courageous child. Bless my child and its father.

Prayer to Surya-Bless us with blazing intelligence

Prayer to Lord Indra-May the delivery be safe for the child  and the mother.

Disclaimer :- The information any where in this blog is based on literature available in ancient books, clinical studies as well as the scientific researches on GARBHSANSKAR. It is strictly advised to consult his/her family doctor, physician or gynecologist before practically implicating or following any matter or suggestion,  anywhere in the blog – for herself/himself or any one concerened.

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